Ghost Wire


"The smoothest poly I have ever played"

ONE OF THE SOFTEST CO-POLYESTER STRINGS ON THE MARKET(based on lab tests by the United States Racquet Stringers Association)! Ghost Wire is designed for players who seek the benefits of a co-polyester string but at the same time look for an elevated soft, arm-friendly playing response. Its new-generation polyester compound ensures players of all levels ultimate durability, high tension stability and precise directional and depth control. Its round, slick surface makes it a superb choice for hybrid string setups!

Please note: You can purchase this string in a  super thin 19 gauge (1.10 mm). Lab tests reveal that the 19g is as soft as many 16/17gauge nylon/multifilament strings on the market!

Who should try the string?

  • Players who would like to transition from a nylon/multi string to polyester.
  • Players who are looking for an arm-friendly playing alternative but still want to enjoy the benefits of a poly string.
  • All playing levels.
  • Ideal for hybrid string setups!

  String Characteristics:





Tension Stability

Spin Potential


  String Specifications:

String Name: Ghost Wire

Gauges: 16g (1.27mm). 17g (1.22mm), 18g (1.17mm), 19g (1.10mm)

Length: Sets: 12.2mm/40ft, Reels: 200m/656ft

Color: White

Official Product Reviews:

Super soft co-poly

"This is a soft co-poly suitable for a wide range of players. Good spin, control, tension maintenance, and comfort. Want a soft poly, look no further."

Amazon Customer

Tier One Ghost Wire-Top Notch

"I absolutely love the string. This purchase included my 2nd and 3rd package. I believe that I will be using this string full time. Shipping was excellent. I'm a very satisfied customer with Amazon and Tier One Sports. Thank you"

JKelly W.


"Amazing string! Soft, great control and spin. Strung it at 54lbs in my Wilson Burn 100S."

Michael Hensley

Let's get geeky!

Small business does not mean lesser quality!

Lack of tension stability & high string stiffness are often the 2 biggest disadvantages when considering playing a co-polyester string.

Our production team was able to develop a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness (arm-friendliness) to most co-polyester strings in the tennis industry. Here is a comparison to some of the most used strings in the industry.

(Stiffness: The higher the number the more stiff the string. Tension Loss: The lower the number the better the string held its tension!)

Tier One Sports:

  • Ghost Wire 1.22mm: String Stiffness: 181 (lbs/in), Tension Stability: 14.77 (lbs)


  • Babolat RPM Blast 1.26mm: Stiffness: 273 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.13 (lbs)
  • Luxilon Alu Power 1.25mm: Stiffness: 242 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.13 (lbs)
  • Head Lynx Edge 1.25mm: Stiffness: 181 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 21.59 (lbs)
  • Yonex Poly Tour Spin 1.25mm: Stiffness: 212 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 15.41(lbs)
  • Tecnifibre Black Code 4 1.22mm: Stiffness: 199 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 17.42 (lbs)
  • MSV Focus-Hex 1.27mm: Stiffness: 220 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 16.45 (lbs)
  • Luxilon 4g 1.24mm: Stiffness: 249 (lbs/in), Tension Loss: 13.30 (lbs)